Welcome to Our Dental office where we are truly committed to treating each patient as a family member with mutual love and care.

We want you to place your full trust in us as we do with you. Our goal is to make you a person you feel happy with.

My staff and I have made this mutual commitment with you as well as all our other patients whom we will treat equally. We will do our best to learn about your desires and how to accomplish them for you.

We are committed to your comfort and well being. Always!

We will spend time with you to get to know what is desire for your dental health and see what we can do for you to achieve that. We can pre-authorize a treatment plan for you and will try our very best to stick to the fee the insurance allows.

However, insurance plans are very variable and there are many plans with different different coverage. They only provide you with what you pay for as a premium.You may get the Human Resources paperwork for your plan and know your coverage. If you cannot make the payment based on their pre-authorization, please let us know and we will work on setting up a payment plan either using Care Credit or another plan that will work for both of us so that we can reach an agreement that works for all of us. That is our goal.

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